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Search and find Open Research data for your project

Openly available research results and research data provide an increased transparency and reliability. It also means that other researchers get the opportunity to find and reuse existing data in new research. Research data made available through repositories becomes searchable, citable, provides increased opportunities for impact, merit and opens up for future collaborations.

Sometimes, for legal or ethical reasons, research data cannot be shared or published. A good example of this is researchers managing data containing personal data and which is then covered by the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other legislation. Furthermore, it may be confidential information according to OSL (SFS 2009:400), such as company secrets, copyrighted material or information that for legal or ethical reasons should not be disseminated. Although some data cannot be shared directly, published or made openly available, it can still be recorded in such detail that it can be searched in catalogs of research data. Then you can also specify contact persons and the prerequisites and conditions that exist for gaining access to the data.

Repositories - examples

Open Access Directory (OAD)  
Registry of Research Data Repositories 
CESSDA Data Catalogue (Social Sciences)
DARIAH (Humanities)
NOMAD  (Materials data)
SND DORIS  (Data and meta data)