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Library card = West Card

As a student at University West your West Card will serve as a library card. Your west card is a valuable document, and you are personally responsible for all loans made on your account until the date that the card is cancelled.

Changes of address and the like, are made on My Account and will automatically be transferred to our library system.

Library card to the public

For public users library cards are issued only to those with a present valid identification. You need to be 16 years or older to get a library card.

If you are newly arrived in Sweden and want to borrow books, visit or contact us for more information.

Your library card is a valuable document, and you are personally responsible for all loans made on your account until the date that the card is cancelled. If you loose your library card you must immediately report the loss to the library in order to block you card. Library cards are free of charge.

Loan periods

  • The loan period is 14 days.
  • All loans are renewed by the patron.
  • If no one has requested the book, you may renew the book up to 16 times.
  • You can borrow DVD's if you are a student or staff at the university. The loan period for movies is 7 days.
  • For materials requested by another patron, the loan period will not be able to renew beyond the set due date.
  • When you have requested a book and received an email with the information that it is on the On hold shelf, the book must be collected within four days.
  • Three days before the loan period expires you will receive a notification to your mail.
  • If you are a student, all autogenerated mails will be sent to your student mail address. This cannot be changed to a private mail address.
  • If your loan period has expired you will receive an overdue notice. A second notice will be sent in a couple of days.
  • If material is returned after the expiry of the loan, the library will lay a fine in accordance with the current list of fees.
  • After 2 overdue notices, an invoice will be sent in accordance with the current list of fees.
  • If you haven't returned the material after two weeks of overdue, an invoice will be sent to your home adress.

  • If you have paid your invoice and later find the lost material, the invoice will not be reimbursed. You now own the material.
  • Reserved material by another patron will be recalled after a two week loan period.


  • You are not allowed to borrow journals or books from our reference collection.
  • Students who are enrolled in one of the distance learning courses or programs at University West, can order books from our collection and they will be sent to your home free of charge (in Sweden). The cost of the return postage is to be paid by the user.
  • Information concerning any individual's loans, requests and reservations is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, in accordance with Chapter 40 Article 3 of the Swedish Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400).


Fees are charged in accordance with the current list of fees. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of current fees and future changes. The library will use its web site to inform you of changes in lending regulations and fees.

Payment is made at the library's loan desk (with debit card) or via bank transfer 5210-3439. Mark the payment with your Swedish social security number and case: either "fine, library" or "article, library"


  • If you have outstanding debts exceeding a certain amount, your borrowing rights will be suspended.
  • If you, despite repeated reminders, have not returned you overdue material, you will be blocked from further borrowing until all your loans are either returned or compensated for.
  • Students who have been suspended by the university are during the same time suspended from the library.

problem with logging in? 

If you are having problems with logging in to the library service, try this:

  • Did you update your Swedish ID number? If you have received a new set of numbers and letters for the four last digits of your ID number, you have to update your information in MyAccount

  • Did you forget your PIN-code? If you are not a student or employee at the university and have forgotten your PIN-code, use the form below to request a new PIN. If you are a student or employee, you can change PIN in MyAccount
    You cannot use a number combination that uses three or more of the same number in a row (f.e. 0001) or use pairs of numbers in a row (f.e. 0101).
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