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Support activities

The Math Help Center and The Language Resource Centre/ Språkvingen usually hold their activities in the library's premises. Due to the pandemic, tutorials and drop-ins are now being held online. See their current dates on their respective information pages.

Study buddy

Drop-in occasions where you can meet us from Språkvingen, the Library and sometimes also the Math Help Center. At times just before submitting assignments and essays, often at the end of the semester, you can meet us either on site or digitally. For example, you can ask about academic writing, references, information retrieval and more.


Book release

If you as a staff at University West have written a fact book, the library can arrange a book release. Then the author tells about his book and a raffle is arranged for the book. Read more about book releases.

Theme days

Open Access Week takes place all over the world in October and the library draws attention to this through exhibitions and web information.

The Nobel Prizes is usually noticed, when they are announced, with information about the prize winners.