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On this page you find information on how to reference

Film and video


As many people are involved in the making of a film, it is the title of the film that should be used as the main reference.

DVD and video
Full title. (Year) [media type] Director. (if relevant) Country/City: Production company or other organization.

For films, the following should be included
Title (Year) [Type of media] Director. Country: Production company.

Textual reference

The textual reference usually consists of a parenthesis with the author’s last name followed by the year and page number. However, this is different when referencing a film – in that case you use the title of the film instead.

In the film Saving Nemo (2003)…

When the little clown fish loses his father, he is very scared at first (Saving Nemo, 2003).

In the reference list

Saving Nemo (2003) [Film]. Director: Andrew Stanton & Lee Unkrich. Emeryville: Pixar.

Solsidan (2017) [DVD] Stockholm: Solsidan AB.

Radio and tv


Program / ​​section name (Year). Title of the program. [type of medium] Ev. producer, sending organization, the transmitting channel, date.

Textual reference

(Sommar, 2001)

Active text reference
The problem with growth versus the world's resources (Vetenskapens Värld, 2011) takes the program...

In the reference list

Sommar (2011). Mark Levengood. [Radio program]. Producer Henrik Johnsson & Monika Sandberg, Sveriges Radio, P1, June 25.

Vetenskapens Värld (2011). Räcker världens resurser inte för konstant tillväxt? [TV program]. Sveriges television, SVT 2, May 23.

Pod, online video, youtube


Produced by (date). Video title. [Online video] Available: URL. [Access Date]

Broadcaster / writer (Year). Title of the program [Podcast] Transmitting date. Available: URL [Access Date]

Textual reference

(SR Minnen, 2008)

Active text reference
Subject terms can be used to get better search results according to Biblioteket vid Högskolan Väst (2019).

In the reference list

USApodden (2020). Parallella universum [Podcast]. Sveriges radio, November 20. Available: [2020-12-01]

Biblioteket vid Högskolan Väst (2019). Use subject terms for better search results! [Online video] [2020-12-01].