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The library's research support

As a researcher and research student, you can get help from the library's research support.

Access for all

In research, openness in all stages is a basic requirement from start to finish. The library informs and supports you in this process and its concepts.


The library can help you get started with your search and support you in matters of reference management, publishing and open access.

Individual tutoring

Refer, publish and measure

A large part of research is about referencing and publishing yourself in the right way, and here the library can help you. Through statistical analysis of publications, bibliometrics, the library measures research at different levels.

EndNote (reference management program)
ORCID (Researcher ID)
Bibliometrics (measurement of research)(Swedish)

More research support

Grants and Innovation Office (GiO) provides you with advice and guidance in finding funding for your research.
Data Unit Access (DAU) works to give you as a researcher support regarding research data and its various aspects.




Team Research Support and Publishing

Anna Wilner

Anna Wilner Librarian SI -metodhandledare

Astrid Olsson

Astrid Olsson Librarian

Elisabeth Näverå

Elisabeth Näverå Librarian