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  1. Start by searching for the book you want to borrow via the NU library's website. In this example, we're looking for a book with the words "Nursing" in the title.

  2. In the list of search results that appears, there is a link, "Place hold", under each book title. Click on this to order the book.
    In the line of text above you can check if the book is available.

  3. Click on "Public users or NU staff". Enter your VGRid and PIN code to log in.

  4. After logging in, click "Confirm hold" to complete the order. When the book is in, it will be sent from the university by internal mail the following weekday.

  5. After you make your reservation, you can see it in your loan account and remove it in case you regret it. If the book has already been sent to you, you also need to send it back by internal mail when it arrives. Mark the entry with "Library University West".