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Academic Search Premier 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext and references Coverage: 1971-, (fulltext 1990-)

ACM Digital Library 
Computer and information science. Fulltext and references Coverage: 1947-,

American Doctoral Dissertations 
A Free Index to Over 172,000 Key Dissertations

American Institute of Physics (AIP)
Physics, chemistry, materials, mathematics and so on.

APA PsycArticles 
Psychology. Fulltext, articles. Coverage: 1985-.

APA PsycInfo 
Psychology and behavioural science. References and fulltext Coverage: 1887-

Arts & Humanities Citation Index 
Humanities. Citations, references, link to fulltext. Coverage: 1986-,

ASM Handbooks Online 
Metals and nonmetallic engineering materials.

ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
30 journals from 2000 and onwards
Conference proceedings from 2008 and onwards


(Swedish) provides annual reports, press releases, press contacts and stock exchange prices.

Access the library's scholarly journals, all in a format optimized for your tablet and smartphone as well as your desktop computer. Collect your favourite journals in your own bookshelf to save and read articles. Available at the web, in App Store or Google Play. Read more at

BULB - Barn och ungdomslitteraturbibliografin 
Children's and youth's literature. Library catalogue

Business Source Premier 
Provides for example access to Harvard Business Review

Byggdok kunskapsbank 
(Swedish) 268,000 references for the years 1950-2006 in real estate, construction and environment.


Cambridge Journals online 
Multidisciplinary. Full text, journal articles

CAN - biblioteket 
Alcohol och drug issues. Library catalogue

Cinahl with full text 
Nursing. Fulltext and references. Articles

CiteSeer.IST - Scientific Literature Digital Library 
Computer science, information technology. References, link to fulltext

Cochrane – systematic reviews in evidence based medicine and caring

This website's aim is to give information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process.

Linguistics, psychology. Fulltext

CoRR - Computing Research Repository 
Computer science, information technology. Fulltext


(Swedish) Swedish research and undergraduate theses. Multidisciplinary. Fulltext Coverage: 1999- (some publication types are available from 1980-)

DML: Digital mathematics library 
Mathematics. Fulltext


Doab directory of open access books 
Open access books

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext

DoPHER Database of Promoting Health Effectiveness Reviews 
DoPHER tries to collect/gather (samla?) systematic and non-systematic reviews of effectiveness in health promotion and public health worldwide.


eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost) 
E-books from EBSCO publishing. Search for the book title or subject, or click on the eBooks-link to see suggested e-books.

eBook Central 
E-book portal. Multidisciplinary

EU. Library catalogue

(Swedish) Archival collections of the Swedish research libraries. References.

Edward Elgar 

(Swedish) Library catalogue of the Swedish institute for children's books.

Business administration and information technology. Fulltext, articles Coverage: 1965- (fulltext 1989-) E-books

Energi- & miljöfakta 
(Swedish) Energy issues. Facts.

Pedagogy and educational science. References, articles

ERIC (via EbscoHost) 
Pedagogy and educational science. References, link to fulltext, articles

Swedish and international patents. Fulltext and references

EU: laws and legal cases. Fulltext. 

Company facts. European companies

EU: Statistics. Facts


FAR online 
(Swedish) Business administration, law. Fulltext Coverage: 1975- 
(Swedish) Medicine. Facts

Human rights. References

(Swedish) Documentation on Sweden's participation in international peace operations. Fulltext Coverage: 1956-. Only available on campus


Gender research. References Coverage: 1960-.

(Swedish) The portal gives you the opportunity to search, view and download geodata from different sources. Through the portal, many organizations can access the services and geodata of many organizations.

Geografiska Sverigedata (GET) 
Service for downloading geodata from Lantmäteriet.

Google Books 

Google Scholar 
Search engine. Link to fulltext

(Swedish) Statistics, history. Facts. 
(Swedish) Human rights. Facts.


Nordic journals on topics such as law, health, economy, education and the humanities. Full text.

Fulltext articles in engineering, computing, and technology

Infoplease Dictionary 
English dictionary with definitions of order and pronunciation.

Multidisciplinary. References


Journal citation reports 

JSTOR Arts & Sciences III & IV 
Fulltext, so-called moving wall (ie, the most recent years are not available),
Coverage in economics, education, law, sociology, psychology, and public policy & administration

(Swedish) Laws and legal cases. Swedish law. Facts. Fulltext.


(Swedish) In the Municipal and County Council Database (Kolada) you can follow the activities of the municipalities and county councils from year to year. With over 3000 key figures you get the basis for analysis and comparisons. National statistics

(Swedish) Cultural policy Coverage: 1972-.

Women and gender studies. References Coverage: 1970-.


(Swedish) Law. Fulltext.

Multidisciplinary. National library catalogue

Library and information science. References Coverage: 1965-.

Literature Online 
Literary studies. References, fulltext and facts. ProQuest

(Swedish) Swedish literature. Fulltext


Medical Dictionary Online 

Medicinska termer 

(Swedish) Multidisciplinary. Fulltext Coverage: 1994-.

Medline (via EbscoHost) 
Medicine and nursing. References, articles.

Microsoft Academic Search 
Search engine. Research publications

On the Environmental Data Portal you will find reports and geographic data with information on nature and the environment, such as environmental monitoring, area protection and inventory results and geographical analyses. You can search for information throughout Sweden or select a special area.

MLA Bibliography (EBSCOhost) 
Linguistics, literary studies. References Coverage: 1963-


(Swedish) Multidisciplinary. Facts.

Labour legislation. References and fulltext.

The Nordic Base of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC-NB) gathers new, quality assured Scandinavian research on 0-6 year-old children in early childhood education and care.

Media och communication. References Coverage: 1975-

Nordisk familjebok 
(Swedish) Digital faksimilutgåva av första och andra utgåvan, 20 & 38 band, 1876-1926.

Norska listan / Norwegian List 
Directory of scientific publishing channels


Online Books Page 
Literature. Fulltext

Oxford Bibliographies Education 
Education and references

Oxford journals 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext, articles.


Traumatic Stress, references Coverage: 1871-

Population information. References

Positive Health Indicators 
Positive Health Indicators is a database for positive health indicators in order to give researchers interested in positive dimensions of health ideas and access to measurement tools.

Project Gutenberg 
Literature. Fulltext.

Projekt Runeberg 
(Swedish) Nordic literature. Fulltext.

Psychology. Fulltext, articles. Coverage: 1985-.

Psychology and behavioural science. References and fulltext Coverage: 1887-

Medicine and nursing. References, articles


(Swedish) Law. Fulltext. 

Regional Business News 

Registry of Nursing Research 
Nursing. Abstracts

Economics. Fulltext and references

Retriever Business 
Business information including Annual reports . Fulltext

Riksdagen - Dokument 
(Swedish) Documents of the Swedish Parliament. Fulltext


S-WoBA - Scandinavian Working Papers in Business Administration 
Business administration. Fulltext, working papers Coverage: 1998-

S-WoPEc - Scandinavian working papers in economics 
Economics. Fulltext

SAGE Journals 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext, articles.

SAGE Knowledge 
E-books, primarily within the fields of Social Sciences

SAGE Research Methods 
E-books and articles about research method

Science Direct 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext, articles. Coverage: 1995- .

Multidisciplinary. Fulltext, abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. Conference proceedings, trade publications and patent records. Coverage: 1960-

Sherpa Juliet 
Research funders' open access policies

Sherpa Romeo 
Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving

SIS - Svenska institutet för standarder 
Standards from the Swedish Institute for Standards

Sjukvårdsrådgivningen 1177 
(Swedish) Health care. Facts.

Skandinaviskt onlinelexikon 
Look up words from Tradusa's dictionaries. Enter a Swedish, Norwegian or Danish word for translation to its neighbour languages.

SMDB Svensk Mediedatabas 
The National Library's audiovisual collections, covered from 1979.

Socialstyrelsens publikationer 
Social services, health care. Fulltext

Sociology Source Ultimate 
Sociology. References, link to fulltext, articles.

Search simultaneously in NAD, LIBRIS and SMDB to get an overview of how a person or an event is documented in TV, radio, writing and original documents.

SOSFS - Socialstyrelsens författningssamling 
(Swedish) Social services, health care. Fulltext

(Swedish) Lexicons and other language resources

Multidisciplinary. Fulltext and references to articles. Coverage: 1997-. E-books.

Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) 
Swedish statistics. Facts.

(Swedish) Medicine, nursing. References.

Svensk etymologisk ordbok 
(Swedish) Project Runeberg's digital facsimile edition of Elof Hellquist's Swedish etymological dictionary. By etymological is meant that the dictionary contains explanations of the origin and history of the words.

Svensk filmdatabas 
Information about all Swedish feature films since 1897.

Svensk mediedatabas 
Information about TV, radio, video, movies presented in theaters, CDs, and multimedia.

Svensk MeSH 
(Swedish) Medical Subject Headings MeSH is the controlled vocabulary used at the US National Library of Medicine. Swedish translation is done by staff at the Karolinska Institutet's library.

Svensk Patentdatabas 
Swedish patents, public patent applications and European patents (EP patents) validated in Sweden

Svensk-engelsk/engelsk-svensk ordbok (Högskoleverket) 
Translations of words and concepts in the world of higher education

Svensk-engelskt lexikon (Språkrådet/Lexin) 
(Swedish) Lexin has been developed for use in immigrant education and is a combination of lexicons and dictionaries.

Svensk-engelskt lexikon ( 
(Swedish) Translation Swedish-English-Swedish

Svenska akademiens ordbok and ordlista 
(Swedish) The web version of the Swedish Academy Dictionary (SAOB, which currently covers A - Tyda) and the Swedish Academy's glossary of the Swedish language (SAOL).

Svenska Dagstidningar 
(Swedish) To get the full text after 1903 you need to use our computer in the library. Ask us and we will help you! It takes about 2-4 months after publication before the full text is available.

SVT Öppet arkiv 
(Swedish) Alternative name & keywords: Sweden's television open archive
Swedish television's open archive

Academic publications at Swedish universities. Search among scholarly articles, conference papers and dissertations etc.


Taylor & Francis 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext, articles.Coverage: 1997-.

Teacher Reference Center 
Pedagogy and educational science. Coverage: titles from journals, periodicals, and books

Logistics. References, facts

Transportation research. Combines records from ITRD and TRIS. References.


UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia 
International relations. Facts. From Uppsala Universitet Department of Peace and Conflict Research

Bibliographic and publisher information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types 
Swedish undergraduate theses. Fulltext

Swedish undergraduate theses. Fulltext

UR access 
(Swedish) UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) educational radio and TV programmes. You reach UR-Access via Shibboleth-log in. Click on any movie to get the choice to log in. Write "Väst" in the search box that pops up and select University West. Then sign in with your University West account.

US Patent and Trademark Office database 
US Patents. Fulltext Coverage: 1790-


Visual dictionary online 
A visual dictionary organized around subject fields.


Web of science 
Multidisciplinary. Citations, references, link to fulltext. With Journal citation reports Coverage: 1986-.

Wikipedia - svenska 
(Swedish)The free encyclopedia

Wiley Online Library 
Multidisciplinary. Fulltext journal articles Coverage: 1996-

World factbook 
Statistics, countries. Facts

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