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DiVA  - Academic Archive Online, is a part of the Open Access initiative to disseminate scholarly materials. DiVA is a system for electronic publishing and for registering publications produced by researchers, teachers and students. 

Why should I publish in diva?

  • Increase visibility and availability for both yourself as a researcher and University West
  • Disseminate the results of your research faster
  • Will make your publications easier to be found by searching tools, for example Google
  • Provide long term preservation and secure access to your publications
  • Make your publications freely available to the public

How do I publish?

  1. Before registering a publication, please search in DiVA to check that the publication has not already been registered. If you have problems with the registration please contact the library.

  2. Fill out the form below to let a librarian register the publication for you. It will take a while before it is visible in DiVA. It is important that you specify if the publication is related to any of the University West research areas.

    Please note! The publication must be written while the author has been employed or received research grants from the University West.

  3. You can also self-archive

Good to know

Every publication in DiVA gets a permanent link. This link can be used in your CV to show your publications. Information about linking to records in DiVA.

Besides research- and conference reports and scholarly articles, other registrations of publications can be made such as reviews, newspaper articles and popular science works.

Researchers are only supposed to register publications which are already published. This includes publications not in press, submitted etc.

When registering a conference paper please insert, if possible, the ISBN/ISSN. Documentation from the conference (for example conference proceedings, link to the website, usb, etc.) to publish the item in DiVA is necessary. If you have any written documentation from the conference we like to place it in the library.

Read more about our publishing terms and conditions in the document below;

Publishing conditions DiVA.pdf


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