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Do you have library related questions?

For example, about reference management, how to borrow a book, about your loan account, fines and fees, help to find material, etc. Find us at:

Your subject librarian holds teaching sessions for you and your class in information search, reference management, etc. during the course of your education. We recommend everyone to attend these events. Have you missed an opportunity? Contact one of our channels mentioned above and we will help you.

Do you need help with academic writing or mathematics?

The Language resource center (Språkvingen) offers all students at University West guidance in academic reading and writing in Swedish and English.

The math help center supports with specific questions related to ongoing courses or you can stop by to talk about an interesting math question in general.

Do you experience a lot of stress or pressure related to your studies?

There is a lot of support available if you find it difficult to manage your studies.

During the course of your studies, questions may arise that you as a student would like answers to regarding your studies, results and future. Contact our study counsellors for information and guidance.

Sometimes you go through difficult periods in life while managing your studies. If you need someone to talk to, both Student Health Center and the University Chaplaincy are available.

If you feel that you have been treated incorrectly or want to reflect on your studies with other fellow students, you can turn to the Student Union. It is also where you will find your student representative.

Don't know where to turn?

If you are not sure where to turn with your question, you can always turn to ServiceCenter. Email, call in your question or fill out their contact form. You can also visit the main reception on campus.