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 If the thesis is not available in DiVA or if you are unable to obtain the full text (PDF file), please contact the university archive,, who will distribute the essay.

E-publish in DiVA

  1. When your student thesis has been passed and graded, the examinator will send the grade- and publication data including the pdf-file containing your thesis in  full text, to the Education Administration Office.

  2. Library staff will register your thesis in DiVA and upload the pdf-file with your work.

  3. All theses will be registered in DiVA, but we will need your approval before publishing your thesis in full text.

  4. Give your written consent by signing the publishing agreement

  5. Send the agreement (the original copy in paper  signed with blue ballpoint pen- no electronic version will be accepted) to Elisabeth Näverå, The University Library

  6. N.B. Please make sure that you have the right to publish pictures, charts etc. due to copyright reasons