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Coffee, soft drinks and snacks are allowed, but we do not eat lunch, dinner and other larger meals in the library.

It is allowed to have video calls in the library premises, but you need to keep a low tone of voice and use headphones. You may not have video calls with speakers on.

It is ok to move chairs to seat more people around a table or computer, but we want you to restore the furnishing when you are done.

NOTE! During periods of Corona restrictions, we ask you to keep your distance and not move seats together!

When you have finished a book or magazine and cannot, or do not want to put it back in the right place on the shelf, put the book on one of our book trolleys and we will put it back for you.

Avoid perfumes and strong odours, for respect to those who are allergic.

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks, but remember to throw the rubbish in our recycling bins. For example, we have a vessel under our staircase that is only for bottles and cans.