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What is research data?

Research data is the material that has been collected or generated by researchers through a project to serve as a basis for scientific analyzes and validation of research results. Research data can be anything from measurement results and observations to data code, images and sound files.

Research data is an important part of research and today the proportion of research financiers and authorities that work to make research data available and preserve it in the long term is increasing.

In order to fulfill this, it is also required that the handling of data takes place in a correct manner. A guide in this is the FAIR principles, which mean that research data must be searchable, accessible, interoperable and reusable

Who owns the research data?

Unlike articles, books and other material produced by researchers, the research data is not owned by the researcher himself. If the research was carried out, for example, at a university or college, then it is the institution that owns the research data. The research data thus becomes a public document. Since University West is an authority, the principle of openness is applied, which means that public documents can be requested from the authority as long as they are not covered by a confidentiality provision or other relevant legislation.