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Other ongoing issues

PubMed - issue with fulltext access

Our users are currently experiencing issues with not gaining access to articles in fulltext when logged in with an PubMed account. A temporary solution to this issue is to visit PubMed without the university access url. To do this, google "PubMed" in a new browser window and visit the database from there. You can still access fulltext articles by installing Libkey Nomad or make your search via Google Scholar.

If you do not feel the need to have a PubMed account and wish to make your search for fulltext articles directly in PubMed, use the link in the library database list to get the correct university access URL. Then save your search results in another manner, for example in a Word table.


Problems accessing articles and databases.

After a security update in Chrome & Firefox, accessing articles and databases may be a problem. Try emptying the cache in your webbrowser or test another browser.


Access changed for Google Scholar

Sometimes we are experiencing problems with access to Google Scholar via our proxy server (that enables links to full text versions of articles) when users are located outside campus.

It is possible to use Google Scholar on and off-campus if you use the link without our proxy add on (

The reason for this issue is that many students are requesting links from Google Scholar at the same time which makes Google think that we are a robot (or "bot"). All universities experience these kind of problems with Google Scholar, and unfortunately there is no solution to this issue but to wait for approximately 3 to 8 days for the service to be reactivated. 

When everything is working as it should, this is the link to use:

Current issues with the library systems and services