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On this page you find information on how to reference

Facebook page or other social media feed

Refer the same way as you mention a web page,. This is not added to your reference list.

University West uses both a Facebook page ( and a Twitter feed ( to communicate.

Post on social media

Author's alias or surname, first name initial. (Date). Title. [Facebook] Available: URL. [Access Date]

  • Reference the same way you reference other web sources.
  • Make sure to reference someone’s alias and not their ”real name”. It is to make it easier to find the source you are referencing. As always you write references to make it easy to find them.
  • Don’t forget to include a square bracket with information on where the source is from (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)


Author's last name, first name initial. (year of publication). Name of the app (version number). [App] Available: URL [Access Date]

  • The author could be either a person or an organization.
  • Follow with the year of publication, name of the app and version number in brackets.
  • Follow with square brackets with information that it is an app (Like you do above to show that it is from Facebook for example).
  • Then declare were the app if from. You can find this information in iTunes for example, if you seek out the app and look for information about it. 


Author's last name, first name initial. (Year). The title of the blog post. Title of the blog. [Blog] Date of entry. Available: URL. [Access Date]