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All the sources you use while writing should be cited. There are different reference systems and in our guides you can find manuals and templates for the reference systems

Different ways to collect references

There are different ways to collect references depending on which system/database you are using. 

Whatever citing service you are using, you need to double check your references and citations always. They may contain errors.

 Easy ways of creating a reference:

  • The library database Libris has a function called "Cite". Search for the book you want to cite, click on Cite and choose the reference system of your preference. 
  • Some of the scientific databases have a "Cite function", which generates automatically your reference. 
  • Google Scholar also offers a Cite function, click on the icon Citation marks under each hit in the hit list.
  • Microsoft Word has a function called Citations & Bibliography which your reach through the References tab, but it is not always as flexible and advanced as you might need it to be. You might not save time by using it.

Referencing software

With a referencing software you can create your own literature database of references that you have collected from different databases or typed in manually. You can use these references in your report when you cite in Microsoft Word, and create an automatic reference list in your document.

There are several softwares you can use;


Zotero is a free reference software that enables you to collect, organize, cite and import your references. It will also allow you to create an automatic reference list.

Read more in Zotero's Quick start guide