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Log in to a database

When conducting a search, you first need to get url-access via the library, so always start your search at Either search for the article/book/publication in the search box at our library startpage or visit a subject specific database (use links on the database link page, do not go directly to the database via Google).

To log in, use your university username that consists of the first two letters of your first name and last name, as well as four digits, for example buba0001. Do not add after the username. Use the same password as you use on Canvas.

Log in to your library account

To create or log in to your library account, open the page and click on the "Log in" link at the bottom of the page.

As a student or employee at University West, log in the same way as you do to the university's other systems (see above).

As a member of the public or a student at another university, log in with your Swedish social security number (12 digits. For international students, this is your T-number) and PIN code.

As staff within NU healthcare (VGR), use your VGR ID and PIN code to log in. Never use your social security number.

Unable to log in?

As a student and staff member at University West, change your login details at There you can enter a new password and/or PIN code, which will then be changed for all the university's systems and services.

As a member of the public or a student at another university, you can reset your PIN code. Enter your email or Swedish social security number in the first field.

If you are a employee within NU healthcare, you enter your VGR ID instead of social security number when resetting your PIN code.