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Unpublished material can be of two kinds. It can be a report, compendium, essays published by authorities, organizations, companies, and societies for internal use. In this case, you write Unpublished manuscript directly after the title.

Sometimes the material can be a manuscript that has not yet been published, but is going to be. In this case you use the term In press. 


Author's last name, first name initial. (year of publication). The book's title. [In print] (or) [Unpublished manuscript] Place of publication: Publisher.

Textual reference

The textual reference is written exactly as for published material. Here we show textual reference to one author, otherwise look at the example Book.

(Wilhlemsson, 2001)

In the reference list

Wilhelmsson, M. (2001). Kompendiematerial - Övningsuppgifter med facit - Artiklar. [Unpublished manuscript] Högskolan Trollhättan/Uddevalla. Institutionen för arbete, ekonomi och hälsa.

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