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Analysis of research can be done in different ways, it is possible to do analysis at, for example, individual researcher, research group, department and university.

Much of the research that is communicated to the research community and the general public in various ways, such as journal articles, conference papers, data sets, books and computer code, leaves traces behind in the form of metadata.  Metadata is information or data about other data or information, a kind of description of something else.

The metadata from the research can be used for everything from seeing which countries a department has collaborated with to how much a researcher has been seen on social media.

Below is more information about research analysis:

Research analysis from the library
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Research analysis from the library

Each year, the library's Research Support and Publishing team produces figures for research at the university for departments and research environments. The publication database DiVA shows how much has been published, publication types, collaborations nationally and internationally, and the proportion of publications with open access. From the databases Web of Science and Scopus, similar figures are produced and how publications have been cited.