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Who can order?

The library can borrow books and order copies of articles from other libraries if you are a student, researcher or employee at University West as well as for students at other college/universities in Sweden. If you do not belong to one of these groups, you should instead contact your nearest public library.

If you are registered as a distance learner, we will first of all refer you to your local library for interlibrary loans. If you want to order copies of articles, the same conditions apply to you as for campus students. Read more about distance learning.

What can be requested?

The books and articles you order must be related to your studies or to the teaching and research conducted at the university.

Books that are already in the library, but are currently on loan, cannot be requested, reserve the book in our discovery service instead. Materials available at the city libraries in Trollhättan or Vänersborg can also not be requested.

Interlibrary loans

We cannot make long distance loans on entire e-books, but can order copies of chapters, or buy the e-book.

We also cannot borrow reference and course literature from other libraries but it can be purchased. The same applies to entire journal issues and degree theses.


  • Media is purchased based on the needs of education and research.
  • All course literature is purchased to the library collection and must be available to those who study at University West.
  • Electronic versions of the material will be prioritized when purchasing as this provides the best form of accessibility.
  • Inter-library loan requests are always seen as purchase proposals.

Loan period and delivery time

The loan period for interlibrary books varies and is determined by the lending library. There usually is a shorter guaranteed loan period as well as a longer period during which you can keep the book unless someone else requests it.

A purchase of a printed book takes between 1-3 weeks. Purchase of an e-book can be accessed in a few days. If you are in a hurry, order a long-distance loan, which usually takes 3-10 days. During holidays and long weekends it may take longer or if the book comes from foreign libraries/resellers.

Interlibrary books are picked up and returned at the university library. This also applies to you who are a distance student. Some interlibrary loans may not be borrowed at home but must be read in the library.

We will send ordered articles to you by post together with payment information. If you work at University West receive your copies via internal mail or e-mail if it is permitted. Copies of articles are often delivered faster than books.


Article copies cost SEK 40 for students at University West, and SEK 80 for external students. Payment is made by Swish, card or bank transfer.

Missing or damaged long-distance loans are replaced by the borrower.

How to order?

If the article or book cannot be found in our discovery service or via Google Scholar, you can use the form at the bottom of this page to place an order. The order is binding and cannot be canceled once the library has forwarded your request.

You can also order via our search systems:


In Libris literature that is available in other libraries in Sweden can be found. If you order long-distance loans often, it is convenient to get a borrower account in Libris and order by yourself. In the "loan card number" field, you fill in your social security number.


In our databases, it is possible to search for articles that we do not have access to. You can order directly in the database by clicking on the link "Order via the library".

Renew your loan

You will receive a claim for your interlibrary book when the lending library wants it back. Return the loan, or ask for an extended loan period by emailing us. You will receive an answer to your request as soon as we receive notification from the lending library.

Are you a distance learner?

As a distance leaner, you can also have our own material sent to your home. If you as a distance leaner want to order home course books, read more on the page for distance studies.

Order interlibrary loan or suggest a purchase

I would like to order
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