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There are different ways to publish

  • Publishers with Open Access, publishing your research immediately. (So-called Gold)
  • Publishers with an Open Access option (Hybrid)
  • Publishers without Open Access that allow parallel publishing in DiVA in some cases (So-called Green)

Through Open Access your research results are made freely available, providing maximum dissemination and visibility of your research.

schematisk bild över vilka material som är tillgängliga open access

There is a decision taken by the principal at University West, which states "that the authors should consider publishing in journals freely accessible to the reader in accordance with SUHF's recommendations." In order to simplify this process information is available on this page and on the page Self-archiving, see below.

There are several benefits for the authors

  • Faster dissemination of results
  • The author retains copyright.
  • The principle of open access to research and will be free to reuse
  • Scientific information is needed outside the university
  • Make use of the Web's ability to link research
  • Easy compliance with the funders Open Access policies

How to publish?

  • You need to be the corresponding author and use your HV email address.
  • Make sure that the affiliation is correct. It is possible to add another affiliation as well.
  • The library will verify your University West affiliation when the article is submitted or accepted

Search for applicable copyright rules at scientific journals and publishers (SHERPA/RoMEO)

More Information about Copyright

Publishers we have agreements with

Preferential agreements

  • National publishing agreements See what applies to our agreements regarding publication fee and Creative Commons licenses. 
  • ESAC- a service where you can see other countries agreements for journals. It can be useful when you collaborate with a researcher outside Sweden, to see if your countries agreement match. 

Open Access journals can be commercial or non-profit-making, and they may or may not have publishing fees.

Search for Open Access journals (DOAJ)

Many open archives are made available through OpenDOAR - Open Directory of Open Access Repositories (Lunds universitets bibliotek and University of Nottingham, UK).

Search for different publishers and read more about their terms

In the database SciFree you can search for your journal in the search field and then click on "Who pays" which links to the publisher's information about author fees. Scroll up to see the agreement information. Click on the journals title and you will come to the journal's publisher page. 

Open Access books

Research funders and Open access

Search for Research Finances' Open Access Guideline

To finance the release, many OA journals use a model where the author pays an author-processing charge (APC) and that fee can often be considered as a direct cost when searching for a project. For example Oxford, Cambridge, Taylor & Francis and Wiley / Blackwell are charging around 15,000-21,000 SEK.

Hybrid magazines are often hidden under names like Online Open, Open Select and Open Choice, depending on publishers.

Self-Archiving in DiVA


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