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The aim of this course is that the student, as it states in the Swedish University law, kap 1 8§ (1992:1434), will achieve a academic approach to media- and information knowledge that are related to current study level and that will serve as a base for life long learning.

According to the Alexandria-declaration (2005) information knowledge can be defined as the ability to 

  • understand ones need for information
  • find and value the quality of information
  • store information and acquire information
  • use information in an effective and ethically correct way
  • use information to communicate knowledge

Techers and staff

The University Library offers individually adapted courses and workshops in information search in the Library search services such as DiVA, EndNote, and Open Access publishing.


The University Library offers courses on three levels which are booked and planned in advance together with your librarian. As a teacher you can also book custom courses for students.

How to book

Contact the Library if you want to know more or book a course.