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Copying and copyright - what to think about as a student

You may not copy an entire book or magazine. However, for private use, you are allowed to copy limited parts of a protected work or works that are small in scope, for example;

  • chapter of a book
  • a poem or a short story
  • an article in a newspaper

N.B. You can always contact the originator to request permission to use his or her text in different contexts.

You can also follow the same agreement as the teachers. All Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have an agreement with the organization Bonus Copyright Access. Read more below.

Copying and copyright - what to think about as a teacher

Read more about Bonus Copyright Access in the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) agreement.

Copying and sharing within the organization is allowed to some extent. A licence from Bonus Copyright Access enables employees to copy and disseminate copyright protected material for internal information within the organization and for internal training. Read more about this in the Bonus Copyright workplace agreement.