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Request an  article

Students at University West - 40 SEK
Students at other universities - 80 SEK

Request a book (interlibrary loan)

Students at University West - 0 SEK
Students at other universities - 0 SEK, except for loans from libraries outside the Nordic countries which costs 100 SEK.

Overdue fines

10 SEK per book and day.

Other fees

Payment for items not returned: 600 SEK per book/item or cost of purchase.

The borrower is given the opportunity to buy a replacement copy. 

How to pay for fees

Remember to return your books before making your payment with Swish or paying by bank transfer.


You can pay with the app Swish to the number: 123 101 04 38. Enter what you are paying for in the message, for example "fine" or "article". It is not possible to pay a smaller part of the fee. Then take a screenshot* of your payment and send this and your social security number to We'll monitor the Swish account and remove your fee and let you know when it's removed from your account. This takes place within 1-4 working days.

* If you can't take a screenshot (it doesn't work on all phones), enter the mobile number you paid with instead.

Bank transfer

If you do not have Swish, you can pay the fee via banktransfer to bankgiro 5210-3439. Mark the payment with your Swedish social security number and what you are paying for "00000-0000, fine or article".