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Undergraduate theses from University West

You can search for undergraduate theses from University West in DiVA and in

References to all accepted theses can be found in DiVA. It's up to the students to decide whether the thesis should be available in fulltext.

Search fulltext undergraduate theses from other universities - undergraduate theses and essays from a lot of Swedish universities.

OpenDOAR - scientific fulltexts from hundreds of universities across the world
To search for essays:

  • Click on "Search for repositories"
  • In the selection "Any content type" select Thesis
  • Additional selections may vary by country, language or subject.
  • The search shows a list of available systems where you can find essays


When you are looking for a thesis that is not found in DiVA:

• if it is written in the past year, please contact the administrator at the institution where it was written

• if it is an older thesis, please contact the archivist . Remember to give as much information as you know about the title, author, etc.

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