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Open researcher and contributor ORCID

An ORCID looks like this: 0000-0002-1346-1530

The purpose of ORCID is to create a global registry with unique researcher identifiers in order to identify researchers for research organizations, publishers, funders, universities and other stakeholders.

The advantages of an international researcher ID are:

  • One ID which follows you when changing universities or names
  • Facilitation of communication between author and publisher
  • Facilitation of communication between researcher and funders when applying for grants and reporting a project

ORCID is available with a Creative Common license which means that other companies and service providers can use the information without asking permission. This is different from ResearcherID where all the information is owned by Thomson Reuters and can’t be used by others.

Get an ORCID-id

You should link your information in databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed with your ORCID ID.

Do this: 
Link your information from databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed by logging in to Your publications that were published before you obtained an ORCID will also receive the link.

  1. To make the most of your ORCID, fill in your affiliation / employment: Hogskolan Vast
    Skärmavbild av affiliering

  2. Click on Add works / Search & link and scroll down the list to ResearcherID or Scopus and allow the connection.
    Skärmavbild av
  3. And Authorize: 
    Skärmavbild av


When filling out the form on our website, we have a requirement that you must enter an ORCID ID.

You can also enter your ORCID when registering or updating a publication manually. There is a special field for ORCID, with links to information and the creation of the ID.

The library staff would appreciate to be informed if you register for an ORCID, in order to complement your publications already registered in DiVA.

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