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There are several benefits for the authors:

  • Increased visibility
  • The authors retain copyright with a Creative Commons license
  • Easy compliance with the funders Open Access policies
  • Articles will be free to reuse
  • The University Library will pay for the Author Publication Costs (APCs) – no extra costs for the researchers
  • Self-Archiving in DiVA

Information about payment and e-invoice details

How to do?

  • You need to be the corresponding author and use your HV email address.
  • Make sure that the affiliation is correct. It is possible to add another affiliation as well.
  • The library will verify your University West affiliation when the article is submitted or accepted.

Publishers we have agreements with



A three-year agreement that includes both reading rights to the 398 journals included in the Full Collection of Cambridge University Press. Unlimited publication of openly available articles in both hybrid and clean OA journals from the publisher.

Discount on publishing fees? Yes. The consortium receives a limited number of free publishing fees.

CC license

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You must be the corresponding author for the agreement to apply. You must state University West as affiliation, and you are welcome to send your e-mail. Indicate West University as a payee when applying. There will also be a 10% discount on the APC. Article authors will keep their copyright and the article will be licensed with a CC-BY license. 

More information

MPDI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute)

MPDI is a publishing house who publish scientific open access publications .

You must state University West as affiliation, and use your university e-mail. You must be a corresponding author. You will recieve a discount of 10% on publishing fees and article authors will keep their copyright with a CC-BY-license.

Discount on publishing fees
Yes, 10%


More information


Open access publishing is permitted in 313 of 354 titles in the agreement. The author may retain his copyright with a CC-BY license. The distribution of articles is done according to the first come first served principle. The agreement only applies to articles published in hybrid journals

Discount on publishing fees?
Yes. APCs that participating organizations choose to pay after the roof is reached receive a 5% discount.

More information

Springer Nature Fully Open Access Journals

The agreement covers fully open access journals from BioMed Central, SpringerOpen, Nature Research and Palgrave Macmillan, in total 576 journals. As a corresponding author, you write University West as your affiliation and submit the article with your HV email address. The article will then automatically be identified as belonging to the agreement and the library will, as a consequence, be asked to verify the corresponding author’s affiliation. This is a pilot agreement from the national consortium Bibsam and it lasts from July 2019 until December 2021.

CC license

Discount on publishing fees?
Yes. Free of charge for the researcher. The publishing cost is prepaid by participating Higher Education Institutions and research funders such as the Swedish Research Council, Forte, Formas as well as Vinnova.

More information

Springer Compact

Once your article has been accepted, Springer will send you a link to the MyPublication form. There you will be asked to state your affiliation. To ensure that Springer can check your eligibility more easily, please use your institutional email address. If you are successfully identified, you will be informed directly on the webpage. Then you will also need to agree to the open access terms. After you have completed the MyPublication process, Springer and the library will verify your eligibility.

CC license
CC-BY, in a few cases CC-BY-NC (1.5 in the agreement)

More information

Taylor & Francis

When the article is accepted for publication, the author (corresponding author) is identified using organizational permission information and email address the author provided upon submitting the article. You will receive a Creative Commons license email after the article has been accepted. Since the library verifies that you work at University West. If the journal belongs to Open Select journals, the article is made publicly available.

Discount on publishing fees: Yes.No publication fee for 'corresponding author' for publication with open access. The publication fee is prepaid by participating organizations

CC BY, CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND (11.2 i avtalet)

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Information about journals and the process


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