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In a study at Stockholm University (Farazouli et al. 2023), teachers were asked to assess texts by a chatbot and written by students. The result was that the chatbot's texts were approved to a greater extent, while the student texts were assessed more critically. This raises questions about how we teachers should view text as a form of assessment. How should we relate to text as a form of assessment? Are there different ways and forms to develop how we should use text as a form of assessment? Or are there other perspectives on the student's knowledge and thus the examination of this knowledge?


  • Will Jobe, Head of Division Informatics, conducts research on web applications and how they can be used in various education and healthcare interventions
  • Lars Johansson, Head of Division and Chair of the ICT Council, teaches media production and teaching and learning in higher education
  • Kicki Johansson, Head of Division of Brokerage Economics and Society, conducts research on lifelong learning and flexible course designs, as well as learning from an AiL perspective
  • Urban Carlén, Director of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at University West, conducts research on applied IT and teaches about digital tools and inclusive pedagogy

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