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In order to find a book and where it is located, you need to search in the Library Search system. If you are at the library, you will find computers that can be used to search for everything the library provides access to.

If you have ordered a book, and received a message that the book has arrived, it is located on the waiting shelf. The books are shelved after your last pick-up date.

Where's the book?

The books of the library are arranged by topic, either by number or letter codes, and you must search to find out the exact code.

Code examples:

  • 808 027 Neville - Find books with the exact digits, then alphabetically by Neville. There are no separators with all combinations of numbers, look for the one that goes as far as possible according to the code you are looking for.

Find the bok on a map

You can click on the link "Karta över biblioteket" in our Search system, to get a map that shows where the book is located. The maps isa also available from our startpage, if you want to see where book within a specific subject is located.

Time to borrow

Borrowing machines are available at the library entrance, next to the information desk. Use your West Card or library card and follow the instructions on the screen. You'll need your PIN code.

The loan period is 14 days, and you can renew the loan up to 9 times, if no one has made a request for the book.

Renew Loans

You renew loans at the Library Search system.

  • Log in and check the box of the books you like to renew.
  • Click on "Renew"
  • Confirm that you would like to renew the book/books, by clicking "Yes" in the following dialog.

If no one has made a request for the book/books, it/they will be renewed for 14 days.


You return books in the same machines that you checked the books out in, just choose Return on the screen.

If you need help, ask us! We can be contacted at the information desk.

Can i return the book when the library is closed?

When you receive an email or letter that says you have to return a book, you can often do it even though the library is closed.
Outside the entrance to the library you find a return box. You can use it when the doors to the university are open or if you can get in with your West Card.

It is always possible to send the book to us, if you cant get to Trollhättan.


 We send all email to students and staff to the email address at the University or

All users of the library are permitted to use the library's electronic resources for information searches, excepting commercial purposes.

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